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Is my left ring finger really special than the others?
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Western wedding traditions range from the romantic (Kisses to witness love on the wedding day) to the mystery (Who knew throwing the thigh harness was necessary?) The tradition that came first was wearing the ring on the left ring finger. Did you know that our knowledge of anatomy has come from this tradition? It is a belief since ancient Greece. The word "Vina Amoris" or another name is “The Vascular of Love” is believed to be a special vein that starts with the left ring finger and connects directly to the heart. Unfortunately, this popular belief (And quite sweet too) is just a story. Therefore, as a doctor, I would like to say that the veins are not very special. It's like any other blood vessel in the body. However, although the scientific background information about "Left ring finger" would be just a strange matter. But we can still find a hidden meaning in this tradition. Many people wear wedding rings to symbolize the strong bond they have with their loved ones and to reflect the connection of their hands and their hearts together. But which hand or finger it is depends on your country's traditions and culture. And honestly, even if we want to overhaul this tradition entirely But do you believe that we still stick to this issue?

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